Senin, Juni 15, 2009

I'm Through With You

I'm through with you

At first, i was nothing
Just a filthly creature
Who love staring at the star
Observing you

But it suffers me
Nauseous me
Be a devotee
While you don't even know me

Therefore i decide
I've got to be another star
Just like you
So you will glance at me even for a moment

What i feel for you
It just like the star itself
Full with zest, dazzling, and constantly flare up
And i try to keep my star shining

But still, like any other glowing star
It has their own time
Once the source on longer well maintain
It starts to dim

Like how i feel for you

It's degradating
Sooth away
And shrink
It turn into a death star

A heap of crammed memories

And now i realize
I'm through with you
It's over,

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